Monday, January 4, 2010

California Leaders Turn To Washington For Budget Help

It is ultimately shocking that the city of San Francisco,perhaps the greatest and most loved city in the world for it's beauty,finds itself short of cash.Instead of skinning people for parking in the downtown area,they should build a highly needed network of reasonable cost parking system,promote a pool of facilities for the movie industry,and find out who the heck stole the sea lions,start by checking on every ship that was around the area.They could also start trends of production to end the unemployment,increase ties with neighboring Sonoma county to promote the wine industry,afford more security in the streets and open it all night long to make the city a big productive place instead of trying to live on borrowed from Washington.I could go on and on,but I'm certain there are a lot of qualified people already in place who can get the show going.By the way the secure the streets and bring the country back to life applies to the entire U.S.A. Just think of the millions of jobs.Why doesn't somebody get things moving,NOW.
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